Making Changes and University | Lucy Webb

This is my first post into a series I’m going to write about the major changes in my life, such as the prospect of going to University. So hi, welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy the ride!

I am currently 18 years old from the UK and have just finished my A Level Exams. So what a better time to start a blog and see where it goes. My exams are done and I have applied to go to University next year, hopefully to study photography. My firm choice is Norwich University Of The Arts and my insurance choice is Arts University Bournemouth. Both I had to have interviews for, which I’m going to write another blog post on, I’ll link it at the bottom when I’ve written them. After looking around many Universities, which I will talk more about in my main University post, these were my two definite favourites.

So now, I sit here writing this post looking onto my future and wondering, ‘what do I really want to do with my life?’ Photography is my absolute main passion, I love capturing moments and music is my other love. So in an ideal world, you might say, why not try music photography. This is something I have tried and I enjoyed it immensely but wow, it’s a hard business to get into. It doesn’t help that I’m extremely introverted and shy so talking to band members or managers or even photographing people terrifies me! Which is why I mostly stick to urban photography. (Can’t ask a building to move if you don’t like the angle!)

Then I start to question whether University is right for me. Maybe I shouldn’t be going? Maybe I should? It’s a very confusing time, but I think University is an important life experience, and sometimes I think you have to look at the bigger picture, if it doesn’t work out, I don’t have to continue, to be honest if I freak out before I even get my A Level results, I don’t have to go. I think this is an important thing to remember when thinking about your future. Nothing is set in stone, almost everything can be changed, and sometimes you just have to think about yourself.

Thinking about yourself is a life lesson I have had to learn over the last few years. I suffer with anxiety and it has taken me a long time to realise that I don’t need to worry about what everyone thinks and that I’m not a burden on everyone I’m around. Yes, this is easy to write about and believe me I don’t always think in this positive attitude, I spend most of my anxiety ridden situations wishing I had no friends so they don’t have to deal with me. I have come so far, which I’ll write about along my experience’s if people want me to, but for now I’m talking about the present. The prospect of University would not have even been an option a couple of years or months ago. Therefore even applying to University has been a massive deal to me. Life is forever changing and I think it’s important we all remember this.

Every so often, in my panicked sessions about University, I consider the option of taking a gap year and to just go travelling. In my mind, travelling around the world to many difference countries and cultures sounds like a dream but sometimes I have to remind myself of the reality and how I would cope with this. Travelling is still something I have a burning desire to do and hope one day to at least travel to New York, because the photography prospects there just look unreal! I hope after University that I will still be able to spread my wings and discover life outside of my safe little bubble, but as of yet I’m not sure what form this travelling will take. (Who knows, one day I could be touring with a band, living my dream)

So the conclusion of this first post is that I currently don’t know what I want. I’m still young and making changes and decisions and working out my life and mental state, and I hope anyone reading this will enjoy coming on this journey with me. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed finding out about where I am in my life right now.

Lucy x


4 thoughts on “Making Changes and University | Lucy Webb

  1. haz (@haz_pike) says:

    i love this. From just reading your two posts on university, I relate a lot and it’s a relief to know that someone else is in a very similar situation (even if it is a year earlier than me). Thanks for writing this.


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