Disneyland Paris Review: Why I love Disneyland | Lucy Webb

This is 1 out of 4 in my Disneyland series, you can read Disneyland Paris: What I wore here, Disneyland Paris: My Photos here and Disneyland Paris: My favourite rides here.

I’ve been going to Disneyland Paris every 3 years since I was 6, meaning that this time it was my 5th (I’m now 18). Disneyland to me is such a magical place, however shit my life is at that point there’s no way not to be happy when at Disney. You become so submerged into the life, because for the time you’re there you see no normal shops, everything and everyone who works there is themed, and it is just amazing.

What I love so much about Disneyland Paris now is that I know it so well, there was no wasting time finding your way round or not knowing what rides to go on. I don’t think I know anywhere as well as I do Disney, apart from my hometown.

Disneyland Paris, includes two main parks, The main one simply called Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, along with a shopping street called Disney Village.

Disneyland Park includes 4 lands, Fantasyland, Discoveryland, Frontierland and Adventureland along with Main Street USA. Fantasyland, I would say is the main land and this includes rides related to films such as Snow White, Peter pan and Dumbo. Discoveryland, is more space based and includes a Buzz Lightyear ride and Space Mountain. Frontierland, is surrounded by the theme of a western village and includes rides such as The Phantom Manor and Big Thunder Mountain. Adventureland, is pretty much just adventure based, as the title suggests and includes rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and a walk through pirates isle, called Adventure Isle. Finally Main Street USA, which is the main walk way into the park, where you can see the castle from. This street includes shops and food stalls. All these lands include places to sit and eat.

Walt Disney Studios Park, hasn’t really got sections in the same way as the other park and mainly surrounds that idea of film making. This park can be done quicker than the other park as it is smaller but still includes loads of rides, but I would say more roller-coaster and thrill seeker rides that smaller rides. It also includes more attractions to just walk around than the other park. This land includes rides such as Crush’s Coaster, Hollywood Tower of Terror, the brand new Ratatouille ride and The Studio Tram Tour.

I absolutely love both parks and I think only having the two, compared to some of the other larger Disneyland Parks makes it much easier to cover all the ground and begin to learn your way round and really get to know the areas.

I’ve always stayed in the Disney Hotels when I’ve gone but varying distances from the park. For the last 3 times I have stayed at the Newport Bay, I love this hotel and the style is 1920’s New England Mansion and I think it’s done so well, the hotel has recently been refurbished and it did look that little bit extra polished however over the years I’ve never felt it looked rundown. This hotel includes an indoor and outdoor swimming pool which are both amazing sizes. It also overlooks ‘Lake Disney’ which is a beautiful lake surrounded by three of the Disney hotels, it is also about a 5 minute walk from the Disney Village, so is a perfect distance to walk after eating waaaay too much for dinner! I’ve also stayed at the Cheyenne which is around 20 minute walk from the park and is western themed, this hotel has certainly improved since I first went and would also recommend this hotel. The final hotel I’ve stayed at is the Explorer, this is one of the further out hotels that you have to catch a bus to get into the park, however these busses are quite frequent and the hotel was lovely.

The food in Disney varies a lot, but again has certainly improved over the years I’ve been going. The food in the park is quite similar in every restaurant, despite them looking different and themed to the land on the outside, usually burger and chips. But this time the food definitely seemed nicer and more varied in the different places. The restaurants in the Disney Village is where I’ve always eaten dinner whilst staying at Disney and this includes some familiar places such as The Rainforest Cafe, Planet Hollywood and others such as Annette’s Diner. All these places do amazing food, and every evening I came out stuffed because it was just too yummy!

The Disney Parade has certainly become much more sparse over the years, they used to be quite frequent however this visit there was one a day at 5:30 which was still quite spectacular including all Disney Princesses and lots of other Disney characters. The frequent parades seem to have been overtaken by a Frozen parade which happens about 4 times a day.

The other spectacular sight that you kinda have to see at least once when you go is the fireworks, these run every evening during the summer and really are something else. They have become bigger and bigger every time I’ve been and this time they had so many films projected onto the castle, such as, Frozen, Tangled, Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (see pictures of the fireworks on my other blog post here)

For me, Disneyland is such a magical place that I just love sharing with other people, I have always gone in large groups from 6 to 11 and I think this just makes it so much better because everyone can find someone to go on their favourite rides with. I don’t think I will ever stop going to Disney, it is simply such a magical place, and to be honest even if you’re not the BIGGEST fan of Disney it really doesn’t matter, there’s something for everyone. I would recommend for anyone to go Disney, .whatever their age, it’s just a place you can’t judge until you’ve really been for yourself.

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