Disneyland Paris: What I Wore | Lucy Webb

I’ve decided to split my Holiday into four different blog posts, What I wore, which consists of as many photos as I can find of me to show you what I wore throughout my time, Review, where I’ll talk about why I just love Disney Paris so much, Photos from Disney and finally my favourite rides. You can read, Disneyland Paris: Why I Love Disneyland here, Disneyland Paris: My Photos and Disneyland Paris: Favourite Rides for a non-roller coaster lover.

DAY 1:

IMG_8008Day 1 was travel day, I always try to find my comfiest outfit for travelling whatever the transport. My absolute favourite trousers are these ones I bought from Majorca a couple of years ago, they are the comfiest thing I own! So whenever I travel I love to whip these out. The only problem with these trousers is because they are so patterned I always find it hard to find something plain to pair with them. This time I decided to wear this new grey crop top from H&M (buy it here) this was so cheap and I absolutely love it, it goes with so many outfits and is also so comfy. On my feet I wore my trusty Black High Top Converse (buy them here) These are my favourite shoes, I ALWAYS get blisters from pretty much any shoe I wear and these are one of the only pairs that I can trust to be comfy.

DAY 2:

IMG_8030This was one of the nicest days we had, weather wise, I decided to wear these loose fitting dungarees from Zara (buy similar ones here) I got these in sale and they were only in a medium so I bought some buttons to attach so I could make them fit me a bit better. There is something about these dungarees that I absolutely love, I think the patchwork makes them even more interesting. I paired this with a striped crop top from Primark and my Floral Vans (buy similar ones here) these vans were new for the holiday and they may have taken over the converse on the comfort scale! My bum bag has become one of my absolute staples, I bought this from Boohoo (buy here) and it was THE BEST thing to have whilst walking round.


DAY 3:

And on day 3, it rained, alllllll day. And guess what, I forgot my cagoule! So I had to buy a very fashionable Disney rain poncho (which I actually kinda loved) it was clear and gigantic and said Disneyland Paris on the back, I blended in with 90% of guests and it was fab. Here’s a lil’ selfie I took of my outfit before I got soaked! My Mickey Mouse top is from Primark and my jeans are from Topshop (buy here)




DAY 4:

20160803_11143020160803_132106Day 4 cleared up a bit and got a bit warmer, however I stuck to jeans to be on the safe side! Again my favourite crop top came back out and I think it looked great with my blue ripped jeans from Topshop (buy here) I think by wearing blue ripped jeans I felt they were lighter than black jeans and along with the crop top gave me a summery feel but I was also warm and


DAY 5:

IMG_8175 (2).JPG

Day 5 started off rainy, so again I was back in the safety of my black jeans and this time I wore my favourite striped top from Zara (buy a similar one here, I also own this top) I love the low neckline of this because it makes it looks slightly more interesting look that a simple scoop neck. I also wore my grey hoodie from H&M which is one of my staples, it goes with every outfit. I also wearing my bum bag and vans, that I’ve already mentioned. This outfit shot is featuring very large, delicious candyfloss. (yum yum) (I really wish I could eat that now)



DAY 6:



This was our last day, (we left on Day 7 but I have no pictures and just wore my dungarees again) It started really cool, like we had a sea breeze but ended up being so warm in the afternoon. For this outfit I decided to wear, my blue jeans again and this simple grey top from Primark, I love this top, it goes with everything and is so simple. I always tuck in large t-shirts as I find this suits me better. Again I paired this with my vans and bum bag. My sunglasses are also from H&M but last years collection.




I hope you’ve enjoyed my account of what I wore on my trip to Disneyland Paris. I loved styling these looks, and I was happy with what I wore. Thank you so much for getting to the end of this blog post!


Lucy x

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