My V Festival Experience | Lucy Webb

Last weekend me and my friend travelled across to Chelmsford for V Festival, we only went for the Saturday but to be honest that was enough and it was such an incredible day! The Saturday had an amazing line-up, and we managed to see everyone we had planned to, even though it meant madly running between the two main stages. In the end we saw, DNCE, MNEK, Foxes, Zara Larsson, Troye Sivan, Jess Glynne, Bastille, Tinie Tempah, Sia and Justin Bieber. Other acts included, Rick Astley, James Morrison, John Newman and Faithless.

The weather didn’t start out too well, but considering what had been forecast it definitely could have been a lot worse and I definitely think we dressed perfectly for the conditions. Here’s some outfit shots of me throughout the day.


Wearing shorts to a festival is a must because as we were told by another festival go-er, your legs dry much quicker than jeans and when you’re in a crowd you’re gonna get hot!! My shorts are black ripped ones from ASOS (buy here) my striped crop top is from Primark, Shoes are black Converse, Jumper is a H&M basic, my bumbag is from Boohoo (buy here) and my raincoat is just from Amazon. At first I regretted wearing only Converse and not wellies but as the day went on I realised it really wasn’t that muddy and my Converse were way comfier than wellies would have been.

Over the day is rained every so often but because of the wind it blew the clouds away quite quickly (only to blow another cloud over though!!) So because of the weather a rain coat was essential, mine was just a cheap pack-a-mac from Amazon but it certainly did the job and also kept the wind out.

A tip I would give to any festival go-ers is to make sure you have a lot of money, because obviously everything is ridiculously expensive as they pretty much have you trapped, I would also recommend having change as a lot of the food stalls asked for change if you had it. There was a large variety of food vans including, pizza, pasta, Chinese, fish and chips and sweets and donut stalls.

Although I was only there for the day I did get to experience the wonderful fun of festival portaloos. I have to say that these really weren’t that bad, at the beginning of the day  they were really quiet but by the middle of the day there were long queues however there was a handful of staff checking and cleaning them throughout the day, which I was pleased to see.

Something else I feel it’s important to mention are the parking facilities and signs to the festival. My friend drove us and it was a pretty simple journey with clear signs close to the area. However when it came to finding where to actually park their signing wasn’t that great. They were quite confusing and lacked information. There was about 3 different entrances but all had contradicting signs saying things such as ‘Yellow Camping’ which wasn’t helpful when all we wanted was day parking. In the end we just had to turn into an entrance to then see a sign saying ‘all parking’ which needed to be on the road!! However getting out of the car park in the evening was absolutely fine and well organised.

All the acts I saw at V Festival were amazing, considering the wind and outdoor conditions everyone sounded pretty spot on. There was no act I was disappointed with, however sometimes it took a bit of finding which way the wind was going and to stand on the opposite side of the speaker so you could actually hear the artist and not just the bass! I would say that the artist who surprised me the most was Zara Larsson, she was an incredible performer and seemed like such an down to earth person, and now I really wanna buy her album!!

However much I loved the day I really didn’t fancy sleeping in a tent afterwards, I was knackered and quite happy to just be getting in a warm, dry car, heading back to my own bed. To be honest I would love to do the weekend but would probably book a hotel!

Overall, I had such an amazing day, everything went perfectly and it was so much fun. I would definitely recommend going to V Festival, if you enjoy a range of pop music, there was a range of artist for all ages and was overall a fab day out!

If you’d like to see more Videos of the artist’s I saw, go check out my twitter where I’ve posted a thread of photos and vids!!

Lucy x


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