Countdown to Uni! | Lucy Webb

This is the third instalment of a series I’ve been doing about my uni experience and so far it seems like people have really enjoyed it. (read them here: Making Changes and University, Early University Stresses) I thought it was about time I gave you guys an update on where I’m at as last time, I didn’t have my grades so didn’t know even if I was going to get into uni and I hadn’t got accommodation.

I’m now pleased to say I have a place at my first choice uni and have accommodation!! Some of this journey was really smooth and other parts had a few more hurdles.

So, results day. I was fully expecting to be ringing up on the morning of results day as I was sure I hadn’t got the grades my offer had been given on. However everything went amazingly smooth on the day and still now I feel like it was just a bit too easy for what I was expecting to have to do. As I logged onto my email to find out my results the top email was from my uni confirming my place! I was over the moon about this and then scrolled down a bit to find my actual results. I didn’t actually get the grades the uni wanted but they let me in regardless. I feel very lucky to have been given an opportunity like this because I was aware that this does sometimes happen, but it doesn’t always happen, if they still have places on the course, they will take you with less grades which is what I’m guessing happened to me! As I said it still feels odd that there was no ringing around as I fully expected to calling up and begging them to take me! Everything finally seemed to falling into place and it felt great. If you don’t get into your top uni, you should have an insurance choice which usually will have offered you a place with lower grades and then there’s clearing. I have heard so many good thing about Clearing so I really would not worry if you have to use this service, they will try and find you something as close to what you want and they seem to be pretty good at it.

It then came to accommodation, if you read my last post you will know that I had everything sorted with a group of 5 of us looking for private accommodation together. Well, that didn’t work out, I won’t go into major detail but members of the group went off and found other accommodation without much discussion, which meant I was back where I started. This was only a few weeks before results day so I decided to wait to see if I would even get in before trying to secure a place. Then it came to results day and I got in! And now had nowhere to live, so I went onto the university Facebook page and put up a post saying I hadn’t expected to get in and was now looking for a room if anyone could help me. I would definitely say a word of advice from me so far is join an official Facebook page for your uni, it helps you to get to know people and keep up to date with the uni. After not having much luck, another girl posted saying a very similar thing in which I commented saying I was also looking and a few days later she messaged me. She, living quite close to the uni anyway was able to ring around estate agents and visit properties the next day and so she found us a place to live! I’m hoping to update you all on my decorations for the flat once I’ve moved in but I really am quite excited to decorate my own little place.

And here is my next uni update! I’ve got about 2 weeks until the big move and I finish work soon to make sure I’m prepared, along with getting round to completing the summer task! I hope you’ve found this helpful or interesting to read and I’ll be back with an update probably once I’m all I’ve moved in and settled.

Thanks for reading,

Lucy x

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