Disneyland Paris: My Top 5 Rides | Lucy Webb

This is (finally!) my last instalment in my Disneyland Paris series! (I miss Disney) To read, Disneyland Paris: Why I Love Disneyland, click here, Disneyland Paris: My Photos, here, and Disneyland Paris: What I Wore, here.

Now, it may seem odd to some people when I say I love Disneyland but I don’t like roller coasters. I don’t hate anything and everything but let me tell you know, I’m not going to be raving about Space Mountain or Indiana Jones. I’m here to tell those who like a bit of thrill, what rides I absolutely love. I have been to Disneyland 5 times now and I have worked my way around all the rides I can now say I enjoy.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean.

THIS RIDE! I absolutely adore this ride more than anything. It is a simple boat ride that fits around 7 rows of people in, you’re not strapped in or have any belt so it really isn’t dangerous. The ride entails your boat floating around an island full of pirates. There are two drops in the entirety of the ride, and you only go up once. The drops only last seconds and, for me, adds the bit of excitement needed to make it more than just a boat ride. Something that makes it so good is the atmosphere, this is created through the use of the music and the darkness. If you want a safe scare, I would 100% recommend this ride, however even the big roller coaster junkies I know absolutely love this ride, it is definitely one to check out. Another bonus of this ride is that it is constantly moving so the queues never get too long.

2. Phantom Manor

This ride is based around a horror story of the family of the house. It begins with everyone being taken into a room, where you’re told about the family, before the floor lowers and you’re taken into the house, the first time I went on this ride I did find it a bit scary after doing it once it really doesn’t phase me. Once you’re into the house you’re taken down a corridor for then everyone to get onto constantly moving carts in pairs. Where the ride then takes you on a ‘spooky’ tour of the house. Nothing major happens in the ride I just enjoy it a lot. For me, what makes it so enjoyable is the fact that there are no real ‘actors’ once you’re on the carts, models don’t scare me like the idea of an actor jumping out at me. The queue can be quite a wait because you go in large groups, so it won’t move for a while and then move all at once.

3. Big Thunder Mountain

This is technically a roller coaster but has no massive drops. More than anything it throws you around and goes quite fast but because it has no drops I really enjoy it. It has the thrill without being terrified for a giant drop. This ride is centred around the story of a mine and the carts are made to look like a mining train, as it takes you in and around the mountain itself. This ride gives me the excitement I’m looking for in a roller coaster and is one I would definitely recommend if you’re a bit apprehensive about roller coasters!

4. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Who doesn’t love a bit of Toy Story? This ride centres around the theme of Buzz Lightyear trying to get rid of Emperor Zurg. It’s an interactive ride, where you go around in pairs in ‘space cruisers’ and each player has a ‘gun’ to shoot at targets. There are different targets meaning different points and to make everything more exciting you’re in charge of your own cart and where to aim at, with a joystick in the middle you can really annoy your partner by spinning your cart around lots! This ride is aimed at all ages, both my brother and Dad absolutely love this ride and have a constant battle on who got the highest score.

5. Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin

Disneyland Paris includes two park and Slinky Dog is included in the Walt Disney Studio Park. There’s a whole Toy Story land, which you’re probably thinking should also include Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, which it probably should, but the Toy Story Land is very recent compared to Buzz! Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin is a very tame roller coaster where you sit in the ‘rings’ of Slinky Dog and basically go around, up and down. It’s not the most exciting but I love it, it also goes much faster than you expect it to but is a lot of fun for anyone who isn’t a massive fan of big roller coasters. Because it isn’t constantly moving the queue can be quite long.


Thanks so much for reading my top 5 rides, if you have any questions please feel free to ask away:)

Lucy x



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