I Made It To Uni!? | Lucy Webb

Hey! I’m alive, I’ve survived 3 weeks of university without poisoning, starving or killing myself (result!)

I felt like this was the right time to update everyone as this is basically the final instalment of the transition to uni. I think I may carry on doing these uni updates, I’m hoping they’ll be useful for some haha.

So, here I am, sitting in the lounge of my own flat, supposedly doing work, because yes, there’s already a ton of work!!! Part of the reason it’s taken me so long to update is that I had to survive 2 weeks without internet, yes it was a very painful time (and expensive time for my dad who had to pay for my mobile data usage soz dad) Therefore my first piece of advice is to sort all the ‘bill stuff’ as I like to call it first. Obviously if you move into uni accommodation, one you’re very lucky, and two your wifi and bills etc should be included. For me they weren’t and trying to find what providers are already in the house/flat and what work best around your area is important. So, take it from me, get that stuff sorted quickly!

My first day was terrifying but a tip I will give is using social media to get to know people first, the official Facebook page for my uni and course were perfect to start chatting to people on before we arrived, it also made it a much more fun experience if you had someone to quickly buddy up with on the first day. Luckily, the flat I live in is shared with someone on my course, so we stuck together but by the end of the day had already made our own little group.

I feel it’s appropriate for any first year uni student to talk about freshers. Our uni offered a package where for £20 we got a tshirt (what I wanted it for tbh) lots of leaflets info etc and a wristband letting you into the clubs available that week for free! I have to say I definitely didn’t get my £20 back out of that wristband. What I liked about our freshers was there was something early evening and then a club in the evening. I mixed it up, by going to laser tag one night, a pub quiz the next and of course the clubbing. I really enjoyed starting the week with more relaxed activities, it was a nice ice breaker to get to know people and I really enjoyed myself. I definitely say try going to at least one freshers event and what surprised me was how social the clubbing was. I was used to sticking with your group and avoiding creepy men but freshers clubbing involved a lot more ‘aren’t you on my course?’ shouting and was actually a really good way to break down barriers.

So far I’ve had so much fun, and I feel like I’ve made a good decision on my location and course. I’ve got friends and am feeling really happy. Uni is not an easy decision, its a decision that needs to be taken seriously but I really think it’s an amazing step to get you on your feet. This is about everything I feel the need to share with you guys right now and I’m going to try and update my uni posts often!

Thanks for reading,

Lucy x

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