Christmas Decorating On A Budget (Student Savings) | Lucy Webb

As most of you probably know from my University series (read here) I am currently about to finish my first term of a being a good old proper student. To give you a little background, I live in a two bed flat with my friend and it is private accommodation, nothing to do with the Uni.

We both love Christmas so we thought, how can we possibly have our own flat without a little decoration! However, we are students and everything must be done on a budget, and I thought why not share what we did with you guys, because if I’m honest I’m really impressed with how much I spent on all of it.

For our decorations I spent a total of, £14 and for that we have a 6ft fake Christmas tree, lights, decorations and tinsel to go on the windowsill.

Tip Number 1: Look Early! We were determined to get a tree but were well aware that tree’s aren’t cheap. One evening in late October my flat mate was looking on Argos and noticed they were having a sale on the Christmas Trees. We got a £20 tree (which yes is pretty cheap anyway!) for £14 and then that was split between the two us so we initially had payed £7 each for a 6ft Christmas tree, which I must say look waaaay better than I expected for £14.

We then kept this tucked away behind our sofa until December rolled along and we decided it was time to buy decorations. We had planned to go to Poundland but after to speaking to a few people they said B&M had some amazing deals so we headed off there. We managed to pick up an incredible box set (click here to see it!) it included 50 pieces. We got the red and gold set as this went with our living room and it included many different shapes and sizes of decorations, some glittery some matte, a red beaded chain and a beautiful gold star, all that for £6.99! We decided that my flat mate would buy that and I would make up £7 with other decorations, we bought a packet of battery lights, so we didn’t have to worry about electricity (student tip right there) the pack didn’t contain many lights but enough to give a bit of sparkle to the tree. I also bought a pack of gold Christmas trees to go on the tree and they had tinsel for 99p so I bought one piece of tinsel which perfectly fits on our windowsill, it is a mix of gorgeous red and gold and we added some fairy lights, that I already had so at night they look extra pretty.

That is what I bought, all for £7! So overall I spend £14, and if you’re living with more than one other person it will be even cheaper! I hope my tips and experience will help you to add a bit of festivity to where you are living without breaking the bank.

Thanks so much for reading, I will hopefully be back with a few more Christmassy blog posts up soon!

Love, Lucy x

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