Feeling Inspired | Lucy Webb

I go through phases. Sometimes I feel my head is bursting with ideas and sometimes I won’t even notice that nothing is inspiring me, nothing is making me want to do what I love. I think everyone finds inspiration in different places and I also think it’s important to remember that inspiration will always come and quite possibly in the most unlikely of times and places.

This post does not come to you uninspired as you may have guessed. For Christmas I received a book entitled, Life On Instagram 2017, initially I dismissed this as a good coffee table book and simply one picked off the shelf and given to me because ‘Lucy likes photography’. However this book seems to have struck a chord with me and I just have to share my thoughts.

This book, is on a simple level and book of people’s Instagram posts from the last year. Each picture contains the exact caption that person has put, with all #tbt included.

There is an Foreword on the first page of the book which at first, as probably most people did, I skipped and just looked at the pictures. But as I skimmed through I began to question what had lead the author to choose these Instagram’s, what was the aim of this book? I basically wanted to know everything, and gladly this page answered my questions.

In this page he discusses the modern world, how everyone these days is able to take photos, simply from their smartphone and how this has lead to a world of photographers, everyone and anyone can be one and simply get recognised for their photos in seconds by pressing that upload button on Instagram. Also how he hoped that the images he’d chosen in this book had no post production, that they were raw images straight from camera to social media. These people are ‘limitless’ Jim Stoddart says in his Foreword.

Being limitless is a magical feeling and sometimes in the world of social media I think it can be taken too far but sometimes not far enough. We are a generation of freedom and everyone has a voice which I think when we all stop and think about this prospect is quite incredible.

This gave me a lot to think about, of course I knew what Instagram was, how it worked and yes you see everyone sharing their sunset pics worthy of a ‘I can take a photo’ medal. But this idea that this book contained the lives of so many people, it captured moments from all over the world that we would never been allowed to witness if it wasn’t for social media and camera phones, kinda made me stop for a second. For someone like me, who is currently studying for a degree in photography it can sometimes get frustrating, the concept of everyone being able to do ‘your thing’ but I began to see it in a different way. I love being able to share my images online and sometimes I don’t do it enough with photos that maybe I feel ‘aren’t good enough’ or I didn’t spend hours planning it and it wasn’t taken on a dslr so it’s not worthy of other people seeing what I get up to. But that’s not the case, this book contains lives of so many people that have taken time to share their lives with the world and that’s amazing.

And then, for the first time in a while, I wanted to take photos, capture things I loved and not just for myself but to share with other people. I wanted to put my hobby out there, learn from other people’s images and really start sharing the love instead of bashing others down for what they have shared.

I felt inspired. So inspired by the love in this book by the lives of other people, not even the images themselves but the captions, the lives these people were living and I loved it. Everytime I look in this book I open a different page and see a literal snapshot of someone different’s life and it’s great.

Thank you so much for reading, I really felt the need to express how this book has made me feel and hope you also begin to feel inspired, or even be the inspiration to someone else, strive to be someone’s inspiration, it’s a great thing to be.

Lucy x

Ps. This book inspired me to kickstart my photography Instagram @/lucytakesphotographs check it out if you’re feeling kind xx 

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