Concert Review: Shawn Mendes at The O2 | Lucy Webb

Hello Everyone!

I’ve decided to start a new series where I discuss the my personal experience of concerts I have been to. I want to rate points such as, the venue, my seats (the view), the artist and my overall experience. I have decided to start with Shawn as he is my most recent concert so the most fresh in my mind but I will also discuss previous concerts that I feel the review would benefit people. Soooo, lets get started.

I saw Shawn a couple of weeks ago on the 2nd July 2017 at the O2 Arena, London. I had never seen Shawn before so I was really excited and I felt it was going to be a special day as I was attending the concert with my friend who I had bought her the concert ticket for Christmas. As mentioned previously I love concerts so this wasn’t my first time in London or at the O2, however this was very recent after the Manchester Attacks so I must admit this took a slight edge off the day, despite this my friend and I were determined not to let it ruin our day.

I had received an email from the O2 prior to the event explaining what to expect on the day surrounding security and how this would be heightened due to the Manchester events, which I was really pleased to receive. They highlighted points like only bringing small bags or ideally no bag at all. I would usually bring a rucksack equipped with probably way too many things such as water, hair bands, paracetamol, jumper, lip balm, etc. anything I could possibly need however my friend and I decided we were going to try for the task of no bag as hopefully we would then get through security a lot quicker. I simply took my purse and keys shoved into my denim jacket pocket, my phone and a bottle of water that I had to carry around, but with the heat on the tube it was most definitely worth it.

When arriving at the O2 there was new bag checks before even getting into the foyer, I was so pleased to see this and made me feel so much safer. However these checks were only for bags so we were instructed by staff to go straight into the O2. Within the O2 as usual there was security checks when displaying tickets, however we now had to go through a security arches whilst also displaying any bags or items in a basket. I was more than happy to do this as it made me feel so much safer.

There was such a vibe of love that day, and once I had passed through security and looked back at the amounts of people who were attending despite everything that had happened it just felt amazing.

The seats we had were Level 4, Block 403, Row R, Seat 510-511. Although it wasn’t my first time at the O2 it was my first time on Level 4, as most people are aware Level 4 holds the highest seats that usually come with a warning of the height. Our seats were to the right of Shawn and quite close to the stage, I definitley think this made the seats more bearable as you weren’t looking straight down like you would be if you were at the back facing Shawn. I’ll insert some pictures of my view here but I will say it was an amazing seat if you just wanted to sit back and relax and be able to take everything in, you have an amazing view of the whole arena however it doesn’t feel comfortable to stand up throughout the whole concert.

The O2:
As a venue the O2 is my absolute favourite, I personally have always found the staff the nicest here and the venue is always a good temperature during shows. I must say venues such as Wembley Arena get very hot and sweaty (not fun!!). Overall I don’t really have much to say, the arena did not disappoint on this visit.

Shawn Mendes!!:
As I’ve mentioned this was my first time seeing him, and he was so so lovely! It was such a chill concert, I pretty much sat down for the whole thing which is not something I do! But I do think this was down to circumstances such as our seating and the fact everyone around us sat. After everything that has been happening in the world it was nice to go to a really chill concert that wasn’t too over the top. I always rate artist on whether they sound the same or better/worse than they do on album and I must say Shawn did not disappoint, he sounded better than any track I’ve listened to and his show was interesting but not too over the top. As pictured in the landscape image above, Shawn had a B Stage in the centre of the Arena, this allowed him to connect and be closer to more fans, I thought this was a lovely idea and made the overall show more interesting. Something I must also praise the show for was timing, I think this must be one of the only shows where the artist has come on stage on time, not only this he came on half an hour earlier than most shows, meaning he started at 8:30, I believe this is because he has a young fanbase as this meant he finished earlier than a lot of shows I’ve seen, but it was nice to not be rushing and catching the last train home on a Friday (also not fun!!)

Overall I had such a lovely day in London and Shawn was definitely worth seeing, if you have a chance to go see him I would so recommend it!

Well, we have come to the end of my first review, I hope you’ve enjoyed/found it useful, if you have nay suggestions of things you want to know either comment, or tweet me at @iucywebb!

Thanks so much for reading,

Lucy x

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